Chamber Committees

Business Outreach Committee


Goal: Develop and maintain strong positive relationships with Milford Chamber members and area businesses.


  • Welcome and greet new businesses in the community
  • Maintain good working relationships with existing businesses through consistent communication and recognition.
  • Business retention and expansion program that actively interviews area businesses to identify areas to assist and connect with available resources.

Education and Seminars Committee


Goal: Engage chamber members through the development of a speaking schedule for chamber meetings and the planning of additional educational and business networking opportunities.


  • Create engaging speaking schedule for chamber member meetings.
  • Provide opportunities for educational events and connections to business learning resources.
  • Create opportunities for business to business networking.

Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Ron Petsch

Goal: Promotion and marketing of Milford as a positive destination to live, play, shop, work and invest, all while preserving our history and heritage.


  • To promote a positive image of Milford.
  • To make community members aware of what Milford has to offer.
  • To work closely with area associations, organizations, boards, clubs, etc (city and county) to find cooperative ways to promote Milford.
  • To provide a cohesive marketing plan for Milford Chamber’s activities working with all Chamber committees.
  • To provide social networking for Milford community businesses, clubs and events.
    • Maintain website
    • Maintain social media accounts
    • Assist with content of quarterly Chamber Newsletter
  •  To identify and pursue local and external advertising opportunities.

Community Events Committee

Chairperson: Katie Wergin

Goal: Plan and oversee safe, family friendly events to promote a spirit of community, civic pride and service in Milford.


  • Provide opportunities for Chamber Members to give back to the community through service based events.
  • Coordinate events for the Milford community at large.
    • Garage Sales
    • Fun Days
    • Souper Saturday
    • Clean Up Day

Fundraising Committee

Chairperson: Dennis Sugden

Goal: Oversee effective fundraising efforts for the Milford Chamber as determined by the yearly budget.


  • Analyze budget for each committee to provide oversight for effective spending and provide alternative solutions for funding as necessary.
  • Identify new and oversee existing opportunities for fundraising.
  • Plan and oversee any fundraising events.
    • Golf Tournament